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UK Transport Awards 2024 Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0010 Website: Sofi Parry Senior Editor SME News is happy to welcome you once again to the UK Transport Awards. Returning for the sixth year, this awards programme aims to recognise and applaud the industry leaders within the UK Transport Industry. The Transport Industry is undeniably one of the most essential aspects of UK society. Encompassing various sectors, from vehicle manufacturing and sales to railway maintenance, aircrafts, and cruise liners, its impact on our daily lives is direct. Therefore, it is only fitting to acknowledge and appreciate the exceptional contributions of the resolute companies in the field who have achieved remarkable success. Regardless of your specialism, if you are a part of the Transport Industry, the UK Transport Awards is the perfect opportunity to appreciate and celebrate your contribution. Over the past few years, the Transport Industry has been through many challenges and setbacks, but it stands as a story of resilience and perseverance. The industry boasts visionary leaders who are driving it to new heights, and their triumphs are a testament to their dedication and hard work. Overcoming tough times is a remarkable feat that deserves recognition. The UK Transport Awards is the perfect event to honour companies that have shown unwavering dedication to their industry and have managed to thrive despite the obstacles they have faced. So, let us commend the transport industry and its leading businesses who continue to move it forward with confidence and pride. The UK’s Transport Industry is undergoing a transformational shift, fuelled by the government’s support for sustainability. It’s a revolution in motion, with the sector taking bold steps to pave the way for its future. With the highest level of greenhouse gas emissions in the country attributed to the Transport Industry, embracing sustainability has become a pressing need.

Contents 4. Jaama Ltd: Best Fleet Management Software Company 2024 6. Daygard Logistics Group: Most Innovative Logistics Solutions Company 2024 - South East England 8. Rachel’s Driving School: Most Trusted Driving School 2024 - Hampshire 9. Advanced Journey Chauffeuring Limited: Best Luxury Executive Private Chauffeuring Business 2024 - UK 10. Specialist Vehicle Solutions Ltd: Best Ambulance & Specialist Vehicle Suppliers 2024 11. Moon 15: Best Vehicle Transport App 2024: Pocpod 12. NLH Vehicle Movements: Most Customer-Focused Vehicle Delivery Company 2024 13. Milestone Infrastructure Ltd: Best Highways Infrastructure Construction & Maintenance Company 2024 14. Ascendal Group: Best Global Public Transport Services Company 2024 15. Prospect Coaches: Best Coach Hire Company 2024 - West Midlands 16. Vans For Bands: Best Sport & Entertainment Sleeper Bus Hire Company 2024 17. LTS Global Solutions: Excellence Award for Logistics & Shipping Services 2024 - Warwickshire 18. J&D Pierce Contracts Ltd: Most Trusted Steel Transport & Logistics Company 2024 19. Ev1 Logistics Limited: Best 3PL Fulfilment Company 2024 - North West England 20. Hummingbird Logistic Services LTD: Most Customer-Focused Haulage Compliance Enterprise 2024 21. MJD Group: Most Environmentally- Conscious Haulage Firm 2024 - South East England 22. Specialist Vehicle Rental: Best Wheelchair Accessible & Adapted Vehicle Supplier 2024 23. Kestrel Surveys Ltd: Most Innovative Traffic Data Collection Enterprise 2024 24. The ESP Group: Best Transport Industry Customer Support Specialists 2024 25. FMT Logistics Ltd: Best Family-Run Transport & Logistics Company 2024 - South West England 26. Air France KLM: SME Airline Group of the Year 2024: Virgin Atlantic, Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines 27. Thrive Fulfilment: Most Trusted eCommerce Fulfilment Company 2024 28. PDT Fleet Training Solutions: Best Bespoke Driver Training Provider 2024 29. Trinity Logistics Ltd: Most Innovative International Supply Chain Management Company 2024 - North West England & Best Value Groupage Solutions Provider 2024 30. Luggage-Point: Airport Luggage Service Provider of the Year 2024 31. Forktruck Solutions Ltd: Best Eco-Friendly Forklift Truck Provider 2024 32. Merseyside Vehicle Movements Limited: Best National Vehicle Delivery Partner 2024 33. EVC Electrical Installations Ltd: Most Innovative EV Charger Installation Services Company 2024

SME News- UK Transport Awards 2024 / 4 We recently spent some time with Jaama to understand what makes them stand out as worthy winners of Best Fleet Management Software at the UK Transport Awards in 2024 and this is what we found. Jaama is a software innovator that creates award-winning products for managing vehicles and assets within the fleet, leasing and hire sectors. Through constant evolution, Jaama designs best in class solutions to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Its customers enjoy seamless integration, greater control and the effortless automation of resource-heavy processes which reduces fleet running costs, improves operating efficiencies and ensures legislative compliance of both drivers and vehicles. It’s worth noting that managing the company’s vehicle fleet is right up there in terms of expenditure and usually figures as the second largest expense after personnel costs. With this in mind, Jaama has developed Key2, recognised industry-wide as the most advanced and flexible, online fleet management system available today. Designed for all fleet sizes and budgets, Key2 is fully scalable and is used by a complete spectrum of companies – some with small vehicle fleets, whilst others use it as a complete business solution to manage thousands of vehicles and assets. Key2 QuickStart designed for today’s SME For some time now the smaller fleets have largely been left wanting when it comes to the provision of affordable, leading edge technology solutions to help manage their vehicle fleet requirements. These are uncertain times, worsened by spiralling fleet costs, ever increasing compliance regulation and the Net Zero objectives looming larger than ever on the fleet world’s horizon. For the typical UK fleet manager, they are facing these challenges with inadequate tools and resources and crushing deadlines. The usual scenario for Fleet Manager UK is an Excel spreadsheet, ill-suited legacy systems or worse. The answer is Key2 QuickStart, specifically designed for sub 100 car and commercial vehicle fleets. The key benefits of Key2 QuickStart include: • Software that is easy to use and far simpler than spreadsheets • It is one centralised system to manage all of your fleet activity from acquisition to disposal • The powerful reporting facility allows you to monitor your carbon footprint and manage and plan accordingly • The process to import vehicle, driver and fuel data is simple and straightforward • Key2 QuickStart ultilises the cloud to store data, guaranteeing complete security and no risk of data loss • It includes a new vehicle and driver app into which drivers input data and images remotely, and fleet departments access all this information real-time through the system This comprehensive all-in-one system features a dashboard, which is configurable depending on your requirements, and provides access to key, high level data. It allows you to see exactly what you need to on a daily basis, such as MOT’s and servicing due, licence checks, vehicle defects and much, much more. The key fleet activity covered includes: • Driver management • Vehicle and asset management • Commercial vehicle management • Service, maintenance and repair • Driver licence checking Other available modules include: • Import studio – reduces manual data input and ensures data accuracy • Accident management and risk profiling – simplifies the identification of high risk drivers • Defect reporting – accelerates the smart scheduling of work and minimises downtime • DVLA vehicle lookup – saves hours of manual data entry and admin Key2 QuickStart comes with a handy app which allows drivers to record images of any known defects, accidents or their daily walkaround check and vehicle mileage readings. These images and details are shared instantly through the system real-time, thereby enabling the team to manage the process remotely with complete visibility, and with the added benefit that a comprehensive audit trail has been created. Equally the app can also push information out to drivers to keep them fully informed. To further support the fleet sector, here are the services that are included with Key2 QuickStart: • Key2 QuickStart can be implemented and fully functioning in as little as seven days, bringing operational benefits quickly • Bi-annual software updates are included so that users can enjoy the newest functionality instantly • The largest dedicated support team in the fleet industry, on hand to answer queries via the telephone or email • The system acts as a central resource for all the documentation and system information you need • Training to get the team up to speed quickly and to accommodate changes in personnel or system functionality • An assigned Customer Experience Manager dedicated to understanding your requirements and ensuring the maximum benefit is derived from the system All of this rich functionality is now available to all fleets regardless of size and budget. Case Study: Werfen Werfen is one of the latest companies to join Jaama’s growing portfolio of fleet clients Werfen provides vital services through their best in class diagnostic solutions for hospitals and clinical laboratories to process patient blood samples. Through the use of their systems they are ensuring better patient care and improvements in healthcare efficiency. Best Fleet Management Software Company 2024

A dedicated Werfen team member had managed their car fleet for over 20 years with the use of spreadsheets until retirement. Recognising the need for change, Joanne Bennicke, head of HR, took over responsibility for running their fleet and identified the enormity of the challenge and immediately understood that reams of paperwork and numerous spreadsheets stretching over decades was not the way forward. Werfen commits to Key2 QuickStart Joanne added: “I needed complete visibility across all of the vehicles and drivers and a complete audit trail which is why I decided to ditch the spreadsheets and onboard a vehicle and driver asset management system. “We did our homework and it became clear that Jaama was the market leading provider of fleet management software. They had recently launched QuickStart which was perfect for us as it provides everything we need and more, and is specifically designed for smaller fleets such as ours.” QuickStart is ideal for the sub 100 fleets because it provides one centralised system to manage all fleet activity. Drivers have also responded well to the MyVehicleApp, a unique feature of QuickStart which allows them to upload and share vehicle inspections and report accidents 24-7, making for a safer and compliant fleet. Joanne continued: “Here at Werfen we have made tremendous strides towards reducing the environmental impact our daily practices may have and fleet management is a key part of this. For the first time by using the QuickStart Reporting functionality, I can accurately record the mileages and stats from a varied fleet of hybrids, ICE and EV’s and make informed decisions as to reducing the company’s carbon footprint. “For a company like us moving away from the dark days of paperwork and spreadsheets, it was critical that migration to a technology solution could be effected seamlessly and I’m pleased to say that QuickStart has been universally well received, intuitive to use and the reporting functionality has opened up a new world of management information.” Contact: Kyle Truman Company: Jaama Ltd. Website:

SME News- UK Transport Awards 2024 / 6 An essential component of supply chain management, logistics involves the planning and coordination of the conveyance of goods and services from the point of origin to the point of consumption in a smooth, timely, cost-effective, and reliable manner. Many companies choose to use thirdparty logistics providers, who handle a variety of supply chain functions on their behalf, in order to save time and money, scale their operations with more flexibility, and gain expertise and knowledge. Daygard Logistics Group is a well-established third-party logistics provider with roots that date back to 2003, when Freight Movers International (FMI) was created to handle imports from China. By 2004, the company had expanded significantly and began handling both imports and exports to and from many international locations. Over the years, FMI built strong relationships with some of the biggest agents in various countries, leading to solid year-onyear growth. As a result, Cargo Movers International (CMI) was formed in 2008 to provide further logistics solutions and services, followed closely in 2009 by the establishment of Daygard Clearances (DGC) to provide complete import customs clearance services. Finally, in 2017, World Freight Movement (WFM) was founded as a result of Daygard Logistics Group’s growing global reputation. The organisation’s vision has always been to become a leader in its field, delivering total customer satisfaction through competitive pricing, skilled personnel, and IT innovations. Since its inception, Daygard Logistics Group has successfully grown into one of the largest independent NVOCC’s in the UK, not only covering all major trade lanes but also running more direct weekly services than many others. The Group sets itself apart from its competitors in a number of ways. For example, the majority of cargo handled by its FMI and CMI brands are on terms regulated in the UK, leading to better control over the charges paid by clients. Today, Daygard Logistics Group continues to provide its clients with tailored logistics solutions and services that perfectly meet their needs, focusing on the specific requirements of niche sectors and industries. Headquartered in West Thurrock, Daygard Logistics Group is a third-party logistics provider specialising in the provision of logistics management, warehouse, and freight transportation services, both domestically and internationally. The Group’s companies include NVOCCs Freight Movers International (FMI), Cargo Movers International (CMI), and World Freight Movement (WFM), as well as customs clearance division Daygard Clearances (DGC). Here, we dive deeper into Daygard Logistics Group’s work following its recognition in the UK Transport Awards 2024. Most Innovative Logistics Solutions Company 2024 - South East England

As a third-party logistics provider, the company’s mission is to fulfil clients’ supply chain requirements by combining integrated systems with logistics services like transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, and freight forwarding. Specifically, Daygard Logistics Group’s service portfolio includes domestic and international site removals, hospitality logistics, supply chain management, project management, logistics solutions for hotel and facility refurbishments and openings, purchase order management, online documentation management, and packing. Using the company’s online systems, clients can monitor and manage their shipments from origin to destination, for example by producing reports and uploading their own documentation when needed. By investing in its technology and workforce, embracing innovation, and remaining adaptable to change, Daygard Logistics Group cements its continued ability to meet the ever-evolving demands of an increasingly connected world. For example, in the last 12 months, the company has implemented a number of digital technologies and introduced new sustainable solutions, responding to the UK transport industry’s increased focus on the environment and digitalisation. Furthermore, Daygard Logistics Group is equipped with an extensive overseas network that spans over 90 countries across the globe. In collaboration with these partners, the company is able to offer a reliable and seamless service across the entire supply chain. Internally, Daygard Logistics Group’s culture is centred around its core values of excellence, customer satisfaction, and convenient, user-friendly transportation services. To foster the team’s ability to embody these values in their work, the company strives to promote continuous learning. It encourages employees to grow, acquire new skills, and advance their careers by offering them the opportunity to engage in training programmes, mentorship opportunities, and support for professional development. Alongside this, Daygard Logistics Group is dedicated to the wellbeing of its employees, recognising that their physical, mental, and emotional health are essential both for their individual progression and the success of the organisation as a whole. For this reason, it promotes work-life balance, offers resources for stress management, and creates a supportive work environment. Daygard Logistics Group also fosters accountability and ownership amongst its workforce, encouraging team members to take responsibility for their actions and demonstrate commitment to the organisation’s mission and goals. Finally, the company understands the importance of recognising and appreciating the work of its employees, which significantly contributes towards morale and motivation. For this reason, it implements programmes and initiatives designed to celebrate individual and collective achievements, acknowledge efforts, and express gratitude. Thanks to the hard work of its team and their unfailing ability to evolve and adapt to the transport sector’s continuous industry developments, Daygard Logistics Group has been recognised in the UK Transport Awards 2024, receiving the title of Most Innovative Logistics Solutions Company. In the years ahead, there is no doubt that the organisation looks towards a bright future as it strives to grow both organically and through acquisition. Contact Details Contact: Rory Munday Company: Daygard Logistics Group Web Address:

SME News- UK Transport Awards 2024 / 8 Most Trusted Driving School 2024 - Hampshire Learning to drive is arguably one of the most daunting processes one must go through to achieve independence, and finding the perfect driving instructor is simply essential for success in such a life-changing venture. Promising to be a driving school upon which learners of all ages can depend is none other than Rachel’s Driving School. Offering lessons in both manual and automatic cars alike, the school represents the very best of Hampshire’s driving education sphere, whether students are able bodied or in need of additional assistance. Regardless, Rachel’s Driving School grants new drivers access to a small team of friendly instructors, each eager to get learners on the road at their own pace. Since December 2008, Rachel Hicks has been a qualified driving instructor whose prowess in the field certainly didn’t go unnoticed. Despite her continuous learning and dedication to honing her skills, it became increasingly clear that her calling transcended teaching learner drivers alone. So, in 2012, she became an independent driving school – one that, at the time, oversaw her teaching learner drivers and aspiring driving instructors alike. Fast forward to the present day, and Rachel’s Driving School now stands as a paragon of excellence in helping both able bodied and disabled learners finally get themselves on the road. With two qualified driving instructors – each taught by Rachel herself – on-hand to uplift the next generation of road savvy students, the school has quickly become synonymous with reliability. Partnered with the fact that it’s capable of both automatic and manual driving lessons, Rachel’s Driving School is easily the area’s top pick for anybody looking for an empathetic driving instructor who holds patience and kindness in abundance. One such instructor is Clive Davis, who covers the Basingstoke and Farnborough test centres, as well as the surrounding areas. Having wished to be a driving instructor since the early 1990’s, Clive possessed an incomparable ambition that would propel him forward in this exciting venture. Even when he broke his back in 1991 and became classed as a disabled driver, Clive integrated this into his teaching style in order to cater to the needs of learners who may struggle in a traditional car. This integration takes the form of an adapted vehicle, perfectly outfitted for those who are physically unable to operate a manual car. Though he offers automatic lessons to able bodied drivers, Clive thrives when working with the school’s disabled students – as someone who can fully understand their struggles, he utilises an empathetic and enthusiastic approach that ultimately encourages individuals to look beyond their restrictions. Instead of telling people what they can’t do, Rachel’s Driving School exists to instead turn its pupils’ attention towards what they can accomplish in spite of their disabilities. In addition to Clive, Rachel’s Driving School reflects passion in abundance through its second instructor, Josh Tilley. Having always hoped to share his passion for driving with others, Josh sought to become a driving instructor in order to realise this goal. Helping students in obtaining a license was where Josh wished to specialise, but, for the most part, he didn’t know where to begin. It wasn’t until he met Rachel that he finally found his answer – after only a year of training alongside Rachel herself, Josh became a qualified instructor who was finally equipped with the means to change lives. Josh truly believes in the potential of every individual, and this is effortlessly portrayed through his engaging and encouraging approach. Rachel’s Driving School has rapidly become the most reliable driving school within the area, and a simple glance at its impressive repertoire makes it easy to see why. Never once has it faltered in believing in its students, allowing it to capture the fun of driving, no matter the student. It’s for this very reason that Rachel’s Driving School has come to earn itself the title of Most Trusted Driving School 2024 – Hampshire, and we can’t wait to see how it progresses in the near future. Contact: Rachel Hicks Company: Rachel’s Driving School Web Address:

Advanced Journey Chauffeuring offers unparalleled luxury travel experiences with nationwide chauffeur services, taking the stress out of journeys so that clients can travel in comfort and style. Whether clients are corporate, high profile, or private individuals, AJC takes risk-assessed and efficient routes to ensure clients can sit back, relax, and focus on their destination. Recognised in this year’s UK Transport Awards, Advanced Journey Chauffeuring provides A-list clients with confidential journeys and luxurious experiences. Best Luxury Executive Private Chauffeuring Business 2024 - UK Based in Staffordshire, AJC has adopted a customer-centric approach, offering a personalised service that makes every journey incredible. AJC Chauffeurs are professionally trained Police Advanced Drivers and Armed Convoy Drivers with years of professional driving experience and have been involved in royal visits and many high-profile operations. Its chauffeurs’ professionalism and meticulous attention to detail aligns with the business’s commitment to complete client satisfaction. Amongst AJC’s immaculate executive vehicles are the Mercedes S Class, a sleek luxury saloon, and Mercedes V Class SevenSeater with unrivalled space and multiple seat combinations. AJC is dedicated to understanding the needs of its clients and has gained accreditations to demonstrate its commitment to quality, confidentiality, and ethical practices. In the ever-evolving UK transport industry, market trends have turned towards sustainable travel measures and low emission zones. While it is not possible to immediately transform its entire fleet into electric vehicles AJC is considering changes as each vehicle approaches replacement. AJC’s journeys are designed to take the shortest or least congested routes, ensuring the business runs as sustainably as possible. The company also focuses on consumption of fuels and checking emissions zones to alert clients about increased fees. Kevin O’Mara, Managing Director at AJC, says, “The UK transport market has faced massive cost issues with fuel and low emission zone fees, and there is a push for greener transport alternatives and a higher take-up of tech. Driver and skills shortages are an issue for the industry too, and we try to counter this by speaking with people leaving the police force and demonstrating the benefits of a new career path as a chauffeur. AJC tries to align its business operations with the changes in the transport sector, making savings to offset rising costs, looking at greener alternatives, and pivoting to meet changes in clients’ needs.” AJC is passionate about maintaining exceptional quality standards and prides itself on investing in its professional staff and their personal development. The company seeks chauffeurs who not only drive well but also behave in a professional manner. While driving skills and effective decision making are essential, drivers must also provide a personalised experience that brings customers back time and time again. As a business, AJC strives to deliver superior services and incorporate the latest innovations into its operations. Prior to the pandemic, AJC was primarily focused on serving the hospitality sector which was one of the most significantly impacted. The company has since evolved to provide services to A-list clients from entertainment, business, politics, and sport. By diversifying its services, AJC is not reliant on a single sector and is more likely to receive repeat business. Over the coming year, AJC plans to expand its team by recruiting more retired officers, maintain its ISO standards, and focus on creating a stronger digital presence. Advanced Journey Chauffeuring invites clients to sit back and enjoy the ride with its award-winning chauffeuring services. Its esteemed chauffeurs are professionally trained to make every journey as comfortable and seamless as possible while prioritising clients’ safety and security. In its beautiful vehicles, corporate clients and high-profile individuals will experience the height of luxury and arrive stress-free at their destination. Propelled by core values of quality, confidentiality, and sustainability, AJC provides A-list clients with unrivalled executive chauffeur services. For its luxurious experiences, we have bestowed on Advanced Journey Chauffeuring this year’s award for Best Luxury Executive Private Chauffeuring Business – UK. Contact Details: Contact: Kevin O’Mara Company: Advanced Journey Chauffeuring Limited Web Address: https://

SME News- UK Transport Awards 2024 / 10 Best Ambulance & Specialist Vehicle Suppliers 2024 Specialist Vehicle Solutions Ltd (SVS) is a nationwide vehicle rental and sales company located in Dudley, West Midlands. Established in 2009, this independent and family-run company has grown significantly over the years and is now one of the UK's largest specialist vehicle rental and sales businesses. In the company's early days, the focus was on the hire and sales of ambulances and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. However, the business has since expanded to include vans, vehicles for the funeral industry, minibuses, and more. Renown within the industry for its expertise, what sets SVS apart from its competitors is not only the vast experience within the sector but also the personal involvement of Director, Steven Manning, with all customers. With a combined experience of 100 years, the Workshop Team ensures that the vehicles are prepared to the highest standards with customer satisfaction at the forefront. Due to the nature of the work undertaken by the vehicles, the company understands the importance of timely and reliable solutions to mechanical issues, so significant investment has been made in cutting-edge technology to ensure that vehicles are diagnosed accurately, and any issues are rectified quickly. The Operational managers are available to assist customers 24/7 once vehicles are active on site. Behind the scenes, the Business Development team has recently achieved Crown Commercial Supplier status and has successfully secured long-term contracts with several NHS trusts and local authorities. SVS are members of the Independent Ambulance Association, The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association and The Association of Fleet Professionals. SVS provides nationwide services and has a trusted network of mechanics throughout the UK, meaning they can tailor-make fleet management packages to suit varying needs and offer delivery and collection services. This makes renting, buying, and maintaining a vehicle convenient for their clients. The company also has extensive experience exporting vehicles globally, making it a reliable choice for its international customers. They are a trusted partner of many charities and have deployed over 200 vehicles to Ukraine and arranged donations of essential medicines, medical equipment, food, and clothing. SVS is committed to working towards Net Zero. After a recent carbon assessment, improvements were made, including adding the first electric vehicle to our fleet and installing EV chargers at our head office. By continuing to repurpose vehicles rather than purchasing new ones, we offer our customers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint. Looking ahead, SVS envisages a bright future with exciting developments, including converting their own vehicles. This will mean that SVS will be able to offer customers vehicles built to their own specifications. As the business grows, they are looking to expand their team and are now offering an apprenticeship role. They are proud to be an employer that supports those with disabilities through their membership in the Disability Confident programme. We’re pleased to present SVS with their esteemed title of Best Ambulance & Specialist Vehicle Suppliers 2024 in our UK Transport Awards 2024 – long may their success continue. “Please contact us for further information on how we can support your fleet needs.” Contact: Sarah Manning Email: Company: Specialist Vehicle Solutions Ltd Web address:

Having spent plenty of time working alongside individuals and businesses within the transport industry, it didn’t take long for the brilliant minds behind Moon 15 to recognise a gap in the market that was in dire need of filling. It became evident that, while many sole traders and small businesses within the trade wanted to use ePOD solutions to complement their businesses, all of the systems at the time were often expensive, unintuitive, and would shackle transporters into their ecosystem. Believing that the opposite should be the norm, Moon 15 went about devising a solution that promised cost-effective solutions – ones that would encourage clients to grow their business however they may wish. These solutions ultimately came together to form PocPod – a digital transporter application that stands as a culmination of Moon 15’s commitment to utilising its talent for the benefit of its clients. As a software development company at heart, the collective has always spent its years devising various processes and solutions for an array of individuals, but PocPod is the very first application to seamlessly remove the burden of repetitive processes, all while providing businesses with the tools to thrive at an affordable price. Partnered with the fact that Moon 15 is constantly taking feedback on board to ensure the enhanced functionality of its app, it’s clear that it values the ideas of industry experts. With this collaborative approach, PocPod has become an award-winning tool for all manner of customers. Since the company’s establishment, Moon 15 has been eagerly allowing the advice of various transporters across the industry to guide it, while simultaneously creating connections with other businesses invested in the trade. As such, the collective views the UK transport market – and the people who work within it – as its influencers, placing PocPod in the perfect position to remain an invaluable instrument for any and all vehicle transport needs. In fact, Moon 15 is always on the lookout for new partnerships, hoping that, in working with new customers and businesses alike, it can pursue even further development. In the company’s own words – “The more people who get in touch and want to talk about what we can do to change their business, the better.” In short, Moon 15 is a software developer that, while priding itself on its achievements, is always avidly searching for ways to harness the feedback of its customers for their further benefit. Behind its solutions lies a motivation to truly cater to the various unique needs posed by the UK transport industry, resulting in a collective that’s willing to remain versatile in its solutions. PocPod represents this notion perfectly, and yet it’s an application that is ever evolving. This attribute ultimately guarantees that the industry will always have access to a relevant platform that, at its core, is a culmination of genuine industry input and exceptional software development talent. It isn’t common for companies to admit that they depend on the guidance of their respective industry’s experts to create a product that will always work, without fail. However, Moon 15 is an exception – it honours the needs of its customers above all else, ensuring that PocPod not only carries out its duties as an application, but is also fully equipped to maintain its status as a reliable companion within the industry. As such, it has become an award-winning application that clearly has a bright future ahead of it. Contact: Matthew Hartley Company: Moon 15 Web Address: No matter how one approaches vehicle transportation, it’s often times an arduous task that can detract from the vitality of any business. As opposed to focusing on the aspects that help them to serve their customers, collectives are left having to constantly strike a balance that could result in disorganisation and unnecessary amounts of paperwork. In response to this issue, Moon 15 leveraged its breadth of capabilities to create PocPod – a competitive digital transporter application that’s capable of covering electronic point of collection, and point of delivery proofs. Join us as we delve into how PocPod has gone on to alleviate the strain of various businesses across the UK. Best Vehicle Transport App 2024: Pocpod

SME News- UK Transport Awards 2024 / 12 Most Customer-Focused Vehicle Delivery Company 2024 NLH Vehicle Movements is a client-centric vehicle delivery company whose commitment to commercial automotive collection and delivery has garnered the attention of businesses across the industry. Primarily working closely with major truck manufacturers, their dealerships, vehicle bodybuilders, and charities throughout the UK, the company has amassed an abundance of long-lasting customer relationships that stand as a testament to its brilliance. Below, we explore how NLH Vehicle Movements’ award-winning drivers and handover specialists create a truly bespoke vehicle delivery service that fully focuses on enhancing the customer experience tenfold. Dedicated to providing both innovative and customised solutions that are specifically designed to forge strong, long-lasting relationships with all manner of customers, NLH Vehicle Movements is an award-winning company whose unique business model truly shines through its services. Where most vehicle transportation businesses provide more generalised solutions, NLH Vehicle Movements instead recognises that every client has unique business needs that require a certain level of flexibility. Thankfully, with bountiful experience under its belt, the collective has mastered the art of filling the industry’s gaps, allowing it to bring tailored solutions to a relatively static industry. It’s this exclusive business model that truly defines NLH Vehicle Movements – as the only one of its kind, it’s become an invaluable companion within the UK’s industry. Whether it’s carrying out vehicle delivery or collection services for commercial vans, HGVs, and other such automotives, NLH Vehicle Movements has gone the extra mile to accumulate a team that’s wellversed in the logistics industry. Combined with each team member’s respective training, the company manages to consistently offer firstclass services to each and every customer, ultimately resulting in a desire for them to reuse its services whenever the need may arise. NLH Vehicle Movements understands that its presence within the industry is heavily relied upon, and so it has adjusted itself accordingly. Be it through its five-star driver training courses, or its ability to deploy specialists that are able to educate drivers on the capabilities of their vehicles, NLH Vehicle Movements is dedicated to doing so to the highest degree of quality. Regardless of what a customer may require, NLH Vehicle Movements is aptly equipped to take care of every individual aspect, no matter how big or small. Empowered with years of combined experience among its team members, the company takes immense pride in the skillsets it has accumulated – it’s these very skills that allow it to consistently deliver on its promise of unparalleled excellence, resulting in a mutual respect and understanding between both the company and its customers. Partnered with its devotion to honesty, transparency, and integrity, NLH Vehicle Movements capably captures an impeccable professionalism that assures customers that their vehicles are in the very best hands. Since its inception, NLH Vehicle Movements has never failed to meet – and exceed - its clients’ expectations. The key to this success lies with its unrelenting commitment to maintaining effective communication throughout the entire process. From the moment contact is made, to the final handover of a vehicle, NLH Vehicle Movements’ team grants customers access to services that honour their needs, while simultaneously complimenting their nuances. Additionally, the company ensures that it exercises the highest level of control, all in the pursuit of predicting potential issues, and evaluating how to manage them before they arise. As such, it’s developed a dependable framework that the transportation industry has certainly taken note of. NLH Vehicle Movements stands as a shining example of how commercial vehicle transportation should be carried out. Each business deserves to have access to services that recognise their differences and plan accordingly, and no better is this showcased than through the work carried out by this award-winning collective. In amassing such a brimming client base, it has already proven that it’s capable of delivering on each and every request, but we’re certain that NLH Vehicle Movements still has much more to share. We look forward to seeing how it leverages this recent award title to further empower its business. Contact: Lee Hughes Company: NLH Vehicle Movements Web Address:

Recognised as the UK’s number one highways maintenance provider by road km’s, Milestone Infrastructure’s commitment to delivering safer, greener highways has seen it making a consistent, positive impact on the industry. Milestone, a part of M Group Services’ Transport Division, works within a strong culture that continuously focuses on safety, operational delivery, efficiency, and outstanding customer service. Working collaboratively within this culture has enabled Milestone to deliver added value for its clients - including local authorities, National Highways, Connect Plus and EDF Energy- the public, and its supply chain. Best Highways Infrastructure Construction & Maintenance Company 2024 Following M Group Services’ mission statement of ‘delivering what we promise’, Milestone Infrastructure is a highways maintenance business which provides award-winning essential transport infrastructure solutions across the UK. From highways maintenance to street lighting and civil engineering projects, the business has built a reputation for delivering excellence. An important element of Milestone’s approach is collaboration. The company works with its clients and supply chain partners to identify common goals and work in tandem to achieve exceptional results. Within its Oxfordshire contract, Milestone has developed the Framework Alliance Contract (FAC) that unites client, contractor, and supply chain to optimise cost savings and carbon reduction. These effective partnerships ensure better services for the public and enable Milestone, its clients and supply chain to forge new ways of resolving challenges such as the impacts of climate change and aging transport infrastructure. Milestone’s Innovation Hub is designed to equip its teams with the necessary skills to consider possibilities and support the preparation of business cases for new ideas. The business is also actively involved in the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) and encourages employees to submit suggestions for innovation improvements and rewarding those that do with enhanced recognition if the idea is implemented successfully. Milestone is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its work. In 2023, the business achieved accreditation to the PAS 2080 carbon management standard, reflecting the low carbon work taking place across Milestone, as well as the ongoing collaboration with clients and the supply chain to make significant progress against our joint carbon reduction targets. In addition, Milestone has onboarded 25 in-house environmental specialists, each contributing to the collective’s proactive implementation of its award-winning environmental strategy. Delivering social value is another critical focus for Milestone. Ensuring that local SMEs form a major part of the service delivery model for its clients is a central facet of Milestone’s approach, with the goal of providing smaller businesses with the ability to develop and grow themselves, while still assisting others in the process. This further aligns with one of Milestone’s key contributions to the industry – one that sees it investing some of its incentivised profit into funding and trialling an SME Development Programme for three of its key SMEs. As part of this programme, , the business has offered in-depth expertise to several key SMEs, including training, mentoring and helping them to deliver development action plans. Milestone has fostered an environment that not only empowers its people, but also extends its support to others within the industry. Milestone values collaboration, innovation, carbon reduction and social value to drive positive change across the UK’s transport infrastructure industry. As such, we’re eager to see where this accolade takes the business as we move through 2024. Contact: Richard Lovewell Company: Milestone Infrastructure Ltd Web Address:

SME News- UK Transport Awards 2024 / 14 Best Global Public Transport Services Company 2024 For over a century, Whippet has served the people of Cambridgeshire with its first-class transport services. Backed by global transport group Ascendal, the company has recently undergone a significant transformation and has seen its patronage grow by over 30% across its expansive network. Recognised in this year’s UK Transport Awards, Whippet prides itself in its rich heritage and commitment to continuous improvement, growth, and excellence. Established in 1919, Whippet was founded in an age when cars were highly priced, and licenses were required to run buses. In its ever-evolving industry, the business leverages the latest technology to maintain its position at the forefront of innovation. Whippet runs the largest fleet of privately funded full electric buses in the UK, supported by high-quality data and accelerated digital transformation. In 2014, the Lee family, founders of Whippet, sold the business to Tower Transit and are now part of the Ascendal Group. Whippet operates full-electric buses on the Universal route for the University of Cambridge with the majority of its fleet meeting the strict ‘Euro VI’ low emission standards. The company also runs national and international coach services for Flixbus and looks forward to serving its valuable community for years to come. Within the UK Transport industry, the rapid progression of zero-emission accessible transport means that cities’ air quality is becoming cleaner, and transport is now more attractive to a broader audience. Whippet has embraced this green transport revolution and discovered that this change resonates extremely well with the younger sustainability generation. There is a growing realisation that the current model of largely privately managed bus services is not providing an accessible transport system and exceeds the travel needs of the population. Whippet is a firm believer in franchising and with Cambridge’s rapid population growth, the company is poised to play a crucial role in the future of sustainable transport. Jonathan Ziebart, Managing Director at Ascendal Group, says, “Congestion on the local road network is undoubtedly the biggest challenge facing the industry in delivery of a transport network that is seen to be reliable and delivers modal shift. Once our buses leave the depot on time, there is limited influence we have over punctuality, and it remains a source of immense frustration for our customers. We remain committed to working with the local highways and planning teams, utility companies, and fellow bus operators to mitigate the impact of this, while constantly looking for improved technology and communication channels to keep our customers informed.” What begun as a small family business in rural Huntingdonshire has evolved into a renowned operator. Throughout its history, Whippet has remained committed to looking after its hardworking team. Management knows everyone on a first-name basis and are not afraid to get stuck in with a new challenge or project. Whippet seeks team players, employing individuals who thrive on collaboration and understand the importance of exceptional customer service. Moving forward, the future for sustainable public transport in Cambridgeshire and the wider East Anglia region looks promising. The Combined Authority in Cambridgeshire is currently considering how buses will play a vital role in the county’s sustainability goals with Whippet’s services ready to connect more people to more places. Ascendal, through its UK operation Whippet, is dedicated to its continuous pursuit of excellence in the short term but has a long-term growth strategy for the future. Driven by core values of reliability, safety, and sustainability, the company has achieved success thanks to its loyal customers and positive internal culture. With a long history of connecting the people of Cambridgeshire, Whippet is passionate about providing reliable transport services to its valued customers. Over the past six months, Whippet has undergone a significant transformation and now regularly delivers close to 100% service compliance. Looking to the future, the company will continue to embrace technological advancement to remain at the forefront of transport innovation. For its quality bus services delivered by Whippet in the UK, we have bestowed on Ascendal this year’s award for Best Global Public Transport Services Company. Company: Ascendal Group Web Address:

Based in Stourbridge, Prospect Coaches is a dependable private hire transport provider that currently delivers transportation to schools, sports clubs and businesses across the wider West Midlands area. Offering a variety of transport from 16 to 72 seats, its customers range from high-end corporate clients including Premier League Football Clubs, blue chip companies, and coach tour operators, to individual hires such as christenings, weddings, and more. Prospect Coaches boasts a fleet of 50 coaches including 4 Luxury VIP, 23 Executive and 13 of the fleet having full wheelchair accessibility. Prospect Coaches prides itself on ensuring its vehicles are maintained to a high standard. Additionally, the business strives to be a transformative leader in the UK Transport industry and holds accreditation for adhering to the Investors in People standard. All drivers wear the company’s branded uniform, possess an enhanced DBS, and a Level 1 Child Protection qualification. Prospect Coaches has continuously invested in both employees and vehicles ensuring the business remains diverse whilst remaining true to the core business of the educations sector. It is a firm belief that the school and college students we transport today are tomorrow’s prospective clients and they should be treated the same as any customer. For many years, Prospect Coaches has provided transport for corporate clients such as during the 2014 and 2022 Commonwealth games, London Olympics 2012, and the Land Rover 60th anniversary event. The company enjoys a high contract retention rate due to its commitment to delivering a first-class, customer-driven service. Prospect Coaches has been rated among the best companies in the UK coaching industry by the Plimsoll financial analysis chart, a model which measures a business’s ability to balance their commercial and financial strength and is an award-winning operator. Since the Covid pandemic, the transport industry has faced several challenges, and the UK passenger transport provision has decreased. Prospect Coaches have been proactive, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and diversification. As valued members of the industry trade bodies, the business is currently involved in think tanks to improve passenger provision. Nathan Hadley, Managing Director at Prospect Coaches, says, “I feel the passenger transport industry within the West Midlands is particularly buoyant currently. Future emissions of vehicles and the cost of living will certainly play a part as an outside influence. We are a forward thinking and market leading company so are already looking into future technologies and how these can be incorporated into how we work.” Most recently, cities such as Birmingham have begun to introduce Clean Air Zones, designed to improve air quality without impacting businesses. Travelling by coach has already been proven to be the most environmentally friendly method of transport but Prospect Coaches is committed to going above and beyond to minimise its effect on the environment. The company has already updated its fleet with eco-friendly vehicles that align with the future development of Clean Air Zones with several coaches also meeting Euro 6 standards. Prospect Coaches has also installed a coach wash that recycles 95% of water used through intercept tanks and filter systems. The company’s current project involves investing in rainwater harvesting tanks to supplement the additional water required for the coach wash. The business is committed to using only biodegradable chemicals and sourcing sustainable suppliers for oils, fuels, and cleaning materials where possible. Moving forward, Prospect Coaches has several exciting projects in the pipeline with 2024 certain to be another successful year. The company plans to implement further improvements in the areas of customer experience, customer satisfaction, and quality assurance. For over 60 years, Prospect Coaches has served the West Midlands with its diverse offering of corporate coach hire and individual hires. The company is proud to be a sustainability innovator and is passionate about evolving its fleet in line with developments for all the planned Clean Air Zones. Recognised in this year’s UK Transport Awards, Prospect Coaches is dedicated to exceeding passengers’ expectations with reliable luxury transport and unparalleled customer service. We cannot wait to see how Prospect Coaches will continue to shape the UK coaching industry to create a future of sustainable transportation. Contact: Nathan Hadley Company: Prospect Coaches Web Address: Established in 1964, Prospect Coaches is a strong family business, renowned for providing responsible luxury transport to clients across the UK. Since its inception, the business has developed cost-effective travel solutions for school transportation, business, international trips, sports team transportation, concerts, and much more. Dedicated to continuous evolution, Prospect Coaches has become one of the largest independent coach companies in the West Midlands and has built an esteemed reputation for its commitment to exceptional service and consistent customer care. Best Coach Hire Company 2024 - West Midlands