Business Elite Awards 2022

Business Elite 2022 Principal Resourcing Education Specialists: The UK’s Most Outstanding Educational Expert Network Digital Detox: The Future of Technology Should Care for People and Planet

About Business Elite 2022 Now in its 4th year, the Business Elite Awards were launched by SME News Magazine to showcase enterprises across the UK business landscape who consistently provide the best services and products for their clients, allowing them to stand out within their representative fields. This award is judged purely on merit by our in-house team with all potential winners assessed against multiple relevant criteria, including company performance over a given period of time, expertise within the industry, sector or region, previous accolades won, and client testimonials or recommendations. It’s been a difficult few years for businesses, both large and small, but we are delighted to celebrate those who have gone above and beyond to remain consistent in their endeavours and are hopeful to see a surge in the potential of all SMEs nationwide in years to come. Jo Holloway Senior Account Executive

4. AbraxysGlobal Ltd: Events Specialists Secure Success! 5. Mojo Marketing: Rediscover Your Marketing Mojo 6. Century Business Finance: Finance When You Need It 7. City Relay: Where Housing Becomes Homes 8. Buckingham Futures: A Prosperous Future 9. GV Genovate: Energy Award Winners 10. Principal Resourcing Education Specialists: The UK’s Most Outstanding Educational Expert Network 12. Solutions 4 Health: Most Trusted for Mobile Corporate COVID Testing Solutions, 2022 - United Kingdom 13. Collective Hairdressing & Beauty: Revolutionary Hair & Beauty 14. Digital Detox: The Future of Technology Should Care for People and Planet Founded 16. Integrated Resources: Building the Teams of the Future for Today’s Businesses 18. Jaluch HR: Changing An Industry and The World 19. disguise: Reimagine Storytelling with disguise 20. Bobble Digital LTD: The Marketing Agency Taking Over The Globe 22. Prosper2: Building Community with Loyalty and Rewards 24. AppTec360: Supporting the Emerging Remote Workforce 25. VIRTUS Data Centres: Reimagining Office Space 26. Jark Norfolk Ltd: From the Ground Up 27. Mativision Limited: A Portal to the Future 28. The Administration Hub Ltd: Successfully Assisting the Future 29. BW Legal: Make A Swift Recovery 30. LILA International Logistics Ltd: Freight Forwarding Made Flexible 31. Ezee Cabs:The Company Offering Freedom Through Accessible Transport 32. Advantage: Securing Property Success 33. Aico: Most Outstanding Carbon Monoxide and Domestic Fire Protection Company, 2022 - United Kingdom 34. Legacie Developments: Outstanding Service for Investors 35. Ziggy’s Pet Supplies: One-Stop Pet Shop 36. Trapeze Media: Creative Content Atomization 37. JAS Building Services: Building Trust In the Construction Industry 38. JB Woodworks Glasgow: Quality Hand-Crafted Woodwork in Glasgow 39.The PC Agency:The Agency Every Travel and Tourism Brand Needs 40. Fraser Allen Estate Management: Creating Communities, Managing Homes 41. Ice Tickles Childcare: Creating a Better World Through Childcare 42. Aurora: Helping Innovative RegTechs Stand Out From The Crowd 43. Intelligent People: A Different Kind of Agency 44. Avidety: Powering Up the Future 46. The Travel Franchise: The Company Bringing New Talent To The Travel Industry 47. Design Spec Ltd:The New Wave of Architecture 48. Centelli: Eliminating Repetition in the Workplace 50. Bite IT Marketing: The Heartbeat of Your Business Promotion 51. eSpares: Repair, Don’t Replace 52. Fimatix: Digital Artisans of the Future 53. MAZE: Come Rain or Shine 54. Dormeo: Best Memory Foam & Mattress Specialists Company, 2022 - UK 56. 92 Degrees: People, Community, and Coffee at 92 Degrees 57. Ajar Technology: Integrated Solutions for the Digital Age 58. Keyif Restaurant: The Welsh Town Where Turkish Cuisine Thrives 59. JM Wholesale Ltd: Wholesaler of the Future 60. Trust Premier Property Management: Property Management You Can Trust 61. Main Course Associates: Centuries of Combined Hospitality Experience: MCA 62. Bright HR: Strong Software For a Solid Future 63. J Stifford Solicitors: Most Trusted Immigration and Asylum Law Firm 2022 – London 64. Allteks Ltd: The Digital Revolution Starts Here 65. HR:4UK: The Importance of Building a Strong Team 66. Hippo Digital: A Contemporary Approach to IT Consultancy Contents

4 | Business Elite 2022 54 | Q1 2022 Feb22079 Events Specialists Secure Success! A good event flows with a grace and elegance that makes one sorry it is over, but this is only possible with years of experience in overcoming the inherent challenges involved. In SME News’ rolling series of awards focused on SME Business Elite 2022, the team were awarded the title of Best Consumer and Trade Events Planning Firm, 2022 - United Kingdom. With events forming a major part of the UK’s industry, we thought it time to take a closer look at this invaluable supplier of knowledge and support. No event runs on the skills of an individual and finding the right team of people to ensure that your big day runs without a hitch is no easy task. With so many demands on everyone’s time, often reacting to unforeseen challenges, it pays to turn to a team that has an impressive track record and an ability to find a staff that has seen it all before. The team behind AbraxysGlobal has facilitated numerous events over the years, offering a great deal of comfort in the most difficult of circumstances. The range of services offered by the team at AbraxysGlobal has seen them brought into projects ranging from major international exhibitions through to small regional fairs. No matter what the size or what the nature of the occasion, this is a team that ensures that an event is the hit it deserves and needs to be. Because no two events are the same, each with their own unique challenges and difficulties, the team have made it their mission to treat each of their projects as thoroughly individual. For organisers, the AbraxysGlobal team are ideally suited to the task of extending the impact of your team, with a range of floor managers, health and safety inspectors and events staff who can adapt to the precise nature of the event. For those who do not run events often, and must depend on outside help, AbraxysGlobal is the finest available throughout the UK, and beyond. Their local knowledge of what is needed is matched only by the global nature of their reach. Of course, those who run exhibits might not be familiar with the unique challenges involved. To overcome these, the AbraxysGlobal team offer simple and effective ways of moving forward and securing success. This includes allowing for the essential risk assessments that are involved, but often overlooked. Exhibiting is not an easy task, calling for a great deal of experience in a range of areas. Exhibitors must simultaneously be experts in their field, but thoroughly welcoming to those who are not. They must contend with presentation and practicality in equal measure. These skills are deftly supported by those at AbraxysGlobal. Naturally, the events industry has brought with it a range of contractors, each with their own speciality to offer clients. The AbraxysGlobal team know how best to ensure that every part of your event is compliant with the various regulations that go into running an event, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world begins to emerge from the wake of this game changing event, it’s companies such as AbraxysGlobal that ensure they can do so safely and effectively. Their considerable experience is an invaluable resource to many. When we think of well-run events, we cannot begin to imagine the complexity that goes into the creation of every aspect. The team at AbraxysGlobal make it look easy through an effortless front that is to their credit. We celebrate their success and look forward to what they bring to this incredible industry in the weeks and months to come. Company: AbraxysGlobal Ltd Name: Chris Simpson Email: Feb22079

5 | Business Elite 2022 63 | Q1 2021 Feb22081 Rediscover Your Marketing Mojo There is no company more deserving of Best Strategic Marketing Consultancy and Design Agency, 2022 – Wales than Mojo Marketing. With decades of experience supporting its services, the company has established working relationships with global brands, creating bespoke marketing solutions that cultivate solid results. Join us as we explore the elements that Mojo Marketing a rare jewel in an overly-saturated industry. Mojo Marketing is Wales’ premium strategic marketing consultancy. It has an array of services within its inventory, ranging from ethical marketing to copyright and PR. Furthermore, each one of these services are carried out in a way that prioritises the client’s desired results, as Mojo Marketing truly understands that no two clients are the same. Consequently, this approach has led to the Company’s Managing Director, Nicola Merriman, having worked with some of the world’s most prestigious blue-chip companies, including CocaCola, Unilever, and MARS Inc. (Masterfoods.) Through the creation of bespoke marketing strategies, Mojo Marketing has cultivated a diverse clientele. This is further bolstered by Mojo Marketing’s specialisation in companies seeking to meet ambitious growth targets – the company works across a plethora of sectors but primarily focuses upon FMCG Food & Drink brands. Most recently, however, Mojo Marketing has begun to advance upon the tourism industry. Unsurprisingly, this has brought continued success to the company, as it has acquired numerous clients from across Wales. Through a plethora of methods, Mojo Marketing aids its clients to achieve their goals. After all, Mojo Marketing is all about the brand, and therefore, it creates comprehensive solutions that embody the client’s brand. Its digital marketing option, for example, offers results that lie on the cutting-edge of the advertising realm. Mojo Marketing prides itself on being on top of its game when it comes to digital marketing – as a fast-paced marketing channel, the company believes that it is imperative to consistently innovate, train, and learn, in order to remain ahead of the trends. The company is also home to a highly-skilled Graphic Design team that are deeply passionate about bringing a company’s vision to life through visual art. In essence, Mojo Marketing takes joy in joining its clients’ journeys as a part of their wider team. Henceforth, the company ensures that its team is constantly on top form. Each team member displays a devotion to client-centricity and possesses a deep passion for marketing, which has resulted in a workforce that strives to create the best possible results. Moreover, the team is exceptionally diverse, boasting members from a range of backgrounds and a plethora of qualifications in areas such as auditing and environmental management services. This leads into the fact that the company values sustainability – an area which the team is deeply passionate about – and denounces any company that resorts to greenwashing. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the company’s founder, Nicola Merriman. Upon completing her master’s degree in Public Relations, Merriman entered the marketing world via the Unilever Graduate Management Programme in 1999. It was here that she was first exposed to the cross sector of Blue Chip FMCG business. Two years later, Merriman had completed the programme and had successfully gained a job in the marketing team, in of which she became the manager of the renowned PG Tips brand. Since then, Merriman has worked with Coca-Cola, Princes Gate Mineral Water, and Masterfoods in the pet care division. In conclusion, it is clear to see why Mojo Marketing has accomplished such high levels of success. Through a combination of Merriman’s expertise, the team, and the quality of its work, Mojo Marketing has established a positive reputation for itself. Mark Whitehouse of Fishguard Bay Resort sums the company up as ‘an extension of ourselves,’ stating that the company is ‘A refreshing, approachable and honest entity where we feel at liberty to voice both our praise of great work and feel very comfortable in being able to question anything we’re unsure of.’ Simply, Mojo Marketing is the premium option for all your marketing needs. Contact: Nicola Merriman Company: Mojo Marketing Website:

6 | Business Elite 2022 26 | Q1 2022 Feb22157 Finance When You Need It When running a business, finding business finance can be a major challenge. The team behind Century Business Finance Ltd know that speed is of the essence in these matters and go above and beyond to make sure you have the money you need when you need it. In SME News’ rolling series of SME Business Elite 2022 awards, the team were named Most Trusted Specialist SME Business Finance Company, 2022 - United Kingdom. The world of business finance can be fraught with challenges. Some providers take a long time to come to decisions, whilst others hid fees within their contracts. The team at Century Business Finance have thrived because they do neither of these things. At the heart of their business model is an approach which embraces the needs of their customers, putting them first at all times. The aim when Century Business Finance was established was to create a way of working that could offer fast business loans without the hassle of working with larger companies. The team’s impressive range of solutions has created a way of borrowing that allows companies to loan between £5k-£250k without any long-term commitment. These loan terms vary between six months and three years, but for those who are able to pay back earlier, the overall costs of the loan are reduced. Part of the way in which the Century Business Finance team have approach their work has been to keep things as simple as possible for their clients. Each is treated as an individual, with the needs of their businesses considered and thought about. As a result, instead of depending on algorithms, the Century Business Finance team draw on the considerable experience on their staff to make the right decisions. A real person deals with your loan at all times, with the appropriate advice to ensure satisfaction at all times. The team have gone above and beyond to make sure that what they offer leads the way when it comes to convenience and customer service. The first steps are completed online, with an application form that takes less than five minutes to complete. Once eligible, the team take the time to look at the performance of the business and assess it on merit. This guides the process of finding the right loan to see you thrive. After this simple process, completed throughout by experienced staff, a loan can be approved and the funds transferred. The repayment policy is established at this point too. Instead of operating in a way that is overtly corporate, the team at Century Business Finance thrive on being flexible and straight talking. They expect the same in return. By working closely with their customers, taking the time to understand what makes them tick, they can offer a superior service with incredible results. When it comes to finding the right loan for your business, there are few finer than the team at Century Business Finance. Company: Century Business Finance Name: Jon Maloney Email:

7 | Business Elite 2022 65 | Q1 2021 Feb22256 Where Housing Becomes Homes London is the place to be, offering its residents an international hub with a taste of everything on the market. Living in this leading city, however, is no easy task. The team at City Relay specialise in offering beautiful homes that are flexible enough to fit comfortably into a modern lifestyle. Named Best Short-Let Property Management and Services Company, 2022 – London in SME News’ SME Business Elite 2022, we dug a little deeper to discover more. As the capital of the UK, London offers a unique perspective that simply cannot be matched. It is the place to be for those who want to move quickly and make a splash. The challenge of living in this rapidly expanding region, however, is that housing has not been planned. It has evolved over the years to suit the status quo. City Relay intend to change that status quo. They believe that London, and the people who live there, deserve better. What City Relay is offering is a premium rental experience that maximises as far as possible the potential of a property. The team strongly believe that renters in London should have access to comfortable, flexible and functional homes. Their rental partners should be able to manage their portfolio of properties with ease. There must be a way for everyone to benefit. That’s where City Relay come in. Through an impressive track record when it comes to property expertise and an eye for the potential benefits of technology, the City Relay team have built an experience that is unique amongst property management services companies. Instead of offering fixed contracts with limited and demanding terms, the team are proud to provide a flexible model that allows for both short- and long-term lettings. No matter what the needs of the individual, this is a team that is able to meet their incredibly varied demands. Property owners, too, benefit enormously from the incredible skill of the City Relay team. The flexible model of short-, mid-, and long-term lets doesn’t just benefit renters, but ensures that property owners have the best possible rental yield. By trusting the City Relay team, and their ability to deliver an end-to-end property management service, they can be assured of the smooth experience that secured the team’s position as London’s best property management company on Trustpilot. It’s an incredible achievement, which reflects the quality of service they deliver each and every time. With tens of thousands of happy residents, thousands of properties under their care, hundreds of rental partners trusting City Relay to deliver, it’s clear that many have come to rely on what the City Relay team has to offer their clients. The team knows the challenges that lie ahead in the housing sector. It won’t be enough to offer a leading service. The need to ensure a sustainable approach at all times is vital. With this intrepid crew at the heart of the way that London is operating, they are certain to make things better for both the city as a whole and for the people who live in it. The world of housing is one which is ready for change. As the needs of people evolve, it takes a pragmatic eye to achieve success. For those who work with the City Relay team, success is more than just a concept. It’s a certainty, each and every time. Company: City Relay Email: Website:

8 | Business Elite 2022 62 | Q1 2022 Feb22263 A Prosperous Future As a friendly, proficient, and trustworthy specialist, recruitment agency Buckingham Futures is focused on delivering the right opportunities to the right people at the right time. We find out more from the agency’s Founder and CEO as it wins Best for Environmental Health Recruitment Services 2022 – United Kingdom. Founded in 2013 to provide an alternative to faceless Environmental Health recruitment services, Buckingham Futures prides itself on having a high profile within this sector, based on quality service, a competitive pricing policy, and great teamwork. Working with public and private sector organisations to manage their resource challenges at both strategic and day-today levels, the agency recruits for contract, permanent, and interim roles, and works with candidates at all stages of their careers. All candidates at Buckingham Futures possess relevant industry qualifications and will have gone through a rigorous pre-screening process to ensure that they meet the agency’s clients’ needs. “At Buckingham Futures we drive forward, maintaining a positive business growth plan,” explains Founding Owner and Chief Executive Officer, Ketan Dattani. “Operating in a niche technical discipline, our strategy has always been to maintain a narrow focus and excel in our chosen area. This means we can offer you a host of benefits that only such a specialist recruitment consultancy in our position can do.” The firm’s reputation is built on solid foundations and a history of successfully delivering positive outcomes for clients and candidates. Accurately identifying the needs of both clients and candidates ensures the agency remains effective and it is determined to maintain this level of commitment. “It is our level of knowledge that truly sets us apart from competitors,” Ketan continues. “It’s how we continue to outperform the kind of corporate faceless recruitment service we set out to counteract.” Ketan himself holds 23 years’ worth of Environmental Health recruitment experience. Academically Ketan is a graduate of Environmental Biotechnology and a postgraduate of Environmental Planning and Management. He also holds a Certificate in Employment Law and The Certificate in Recruitment Practice. Outside of business, Ketan volunteers with a number of schools, colleges, and universities providing careers guidance, CV writing; interview technique workshops, and conducting mock interviews with those looking to embark on a career within the Environmental Health sector. “We enjoy open dialogue and discussing the issues that really matter,” he elaborates, speaking more about the agency and its unique approach. “You will always be greeted with an honest and understanding approach. Integrity is our core value.” The internal culture at Buckingham Futures is one of complete unity. The dedicated team are focused on offering in-depth market knowledge and expertise to candidates and clients alike by a close-knit and dedicated team of committed professionals, hired for their ambition and character, and encouraged to develop their careers within the agency’s genuine meritocracy. Recently, Buckingham Futures was recognised in the SME NEWs Awards and bestowed with the esteemed title of Best for Environmental Health Recruitment Services 2022 in the United Kingdom. With a consistent record of achievement and a proven track record of repeat business, it seems that the future is looking very bright indeed. “We pride ourselves on having a high profile within this sector, based on quality service, a competitive pricing policy and great teamwork, Ketan finalises. “This means we can offer our clients a host of benefits that only such a specialist recruitment consultancy in our unique position can do.” Contact: Ketan Dattani Company: Buckingham Futures Web Address:

9 | Business Elite 2022 66 | Q1 2022 Feb22374 Energy Award Winners Genovate Power Solutions build, install and maintain generators for many of the UK’s leading businesses and to Short Term Operating Reserve sites which provide backup power to the National Grid. They take seriously their responsibility to their customers and are committed to ensuring a quality service. For this reason, Genovate Power Solutions has just been named the Best for Generator Installation and Maintenance Services, 2022 in the West Midlands. Receiving the award, Alan Dempsey, Genovate Power Solutions CEO, said: “We’re very proud to have been chosen to receive this award. What we do is about making our customers lives easier, by making sure they don’t have to worry about their power equipment or energy bills. We take our job seriously and we’re pleased to have been recognised for the services we provide.” By offering distributed power installation and maintenance services, Genovate power solutions offers their customers reduced energy bills, opportunities to reduce their emissions and protection from power-cuts. For many businesses with high energy requirements and with a need for uninterrupted power, such as data centres, hospital trusts, laboratories, etc. distributed power is the most desirable option. Genovate Power solutions’ energy projects involve top-quality development, build, and operation of reliable energy assets. Their team of engineers and project managers works closely with customers to find the most efficient and reliable solution based on the individual requirements of each project. And most importantly, after delivery, they provide thorough maintenance services which ensures reliability and extends the life of power assets meaning significant savings in the long term. Covering a wide area – the whole of the UK – Genovate Power Solutions is able to offer super fast emergency response assistance for power emergencies to existing customers and new clients up and down the country. Contact: Alan Dempsey Company: GF Genovate Websites:

10 | Business Elite 2022 68 | Q1 2022 Feb22611 The UK’s Most Outstanding Educational Expert Network Principal Resourcing Education Specialists, having secured significant notoriety as the ‘Best in Education Staffing Solutions’ in 2022 for the United Kingdom, is a corporate member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. Nominally, this governing body represents a network of more than 3,300 businesses, something it is proud to be a part of; it is also a front-running member of the REC Audited Education Accreditation, showing its gold standard in recruitment compliance. Between each of these things, it is clear to see through its dedication to third party oversight and accountability how this company has become such a trusted provider of exemplary staff to educational institutions across the country. Having established itself as one of the leading providers of quality teachers in the UK, Principal Resourcing Education Specialists is happy to announce the celebration of its 18th birthday in the previous year. Getting closer to its second decade in operation, it takes a moment to look back and reflect on the excellence that has achieved it such a stellar reputation in its industry, nominally for the outstanding nature of the educators it provides for the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region. Fundamentally, it has developed an incredible network of professional people, from teachers to support staff and non-teaching staff, each of whom embody its values of teamwork, collaboration, partnership, and support. With a consistently well-balanced support network, mentoring, access to training, and more available to staff, Principal Resourcing ensures that its candidates have the skills and resources necessary to deliver the best work for the educational institutes that make up its client roster. Furthermore, each of them can deliver empathetic and understanding work as standard. This, over time, has ensured the development of long-term relationships with a variety of different institutions and educational experts, such as schools, academies, multiacademy trusts, and more, each of whom directly benefit from its broad range of bespoke and tailored solutions. Able to adapt itself to the needs, requirements, and requests of its clients, it can always fit the right professional to the right job, delivered by an expert team of specialists. Nominally, with its clients being such a variant group of professional institutions, its reputation has also become one of being a truly rewarding place to work. Offering placements all over the country – and even in nurseries – it has made itself a linchpin of England’s education sector, with connections that result in incredible opportunities for its staff, allowing them to take their careers to the next level. Additionally, by working with transparency, honesty, and tenacity, its staff quickly make themselves a trusted part of the faculty and a credit to any organisation’s team. An approved supplier of the DfE ‘Deal for Schools’ programme, Principal Resourcing goes above and beyond to ensure that DfE guidelines are met by its staff, taking an uncompromising approach that has gained it the utmost level of trust by the relevant governing bodies and peers. Ultimately, thanks to creating an environment that attracts the best candidates, it is pleased to say that each of them has contributed to the development of its reputation, setting Principal Resourcing head and shoulders above its peers simply by conducting themselves with the usual outstanding levels of professional etiquette. In order to extend its thanks out to its candidates for their continual excellence, Principal Resourcing makes sure that they have access to all the tools and toolkits they could possibly need. With continual training, an extensive induction programme, free of charge CPD, wellbeing support, and access to suitable, challenging assignments, it has curated an environment in which its candidates can thrive, working on advancing their careers whilst still taking care of their mental health and safety. Thus, its reliable, credible, and versatile candidate pool is one that the industry has lauded as utterly exemplary, with each of its professionals taking a comprehensive approach to excellence that Principal Resourcing’s clients directly benefit from. Each employee has an invaluable role to play in its success. Unlike some of its peers, it can say with certainty that it has built an internal infrastructure based on mutual trust and respect. This, led from the top by its hands-on Director and Senior Management team, has contributed to developing the pre-eminence that Principal Resourcing now enjoys in the education industry regarding the provision of brilliant staff to roles that perfectly fit their skillsets. With firm beliefs in ‘guiding from the front’, the Director and Senior staff in question work hard to listen to every staff member. Whether it’s the newest team member or the most senior, everyone’s word is listened to and taken seriously, the different perspectives and worldviews of every team member being held in equal value.

Business Elite 2022 | 11 Q1 2022 | 69 The UK’s Most Outstanding Educational Expert Network Therefore, its team is dynamic, diverse, and communicative, benefitting from an industryleading level of interpersonal dialogue that runs from the bottom to the top of the firm, especially when the firm is considering making changes that will directly impact the staff in some way. Its forward-thinking team get along well with each other, and it is their collaboration that makes it such a united front when it comes to both its work and the future of the company in the macro scale; after all, in a world that is becoming increasingly remote, engagement and motivation is proving more of an indispensable business element than ever before. Employee welfare, wellbeing, and work/life balance is also reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that no one person is taking on too much. As aforementioned, due to the pandemic, these factors amongst many others have become more critical than ever. The last 18 months have been fraught with challenge, and its staff have each been putting in the utmost amount of effort to keep Principal Resourcing meeting the changing demands and requirements of an educational sector undergoing critical paradigm shifts. Thinking outside the box, investing heavily in advertisement and brand awareness, attracting more quality candidates, and supporting its staff and clients both with paediatric first aid courses and internet safety training, Principal Resourcing will continue to focus heavily on its team and their welfare in the coming year. As mental health is a big item on its agenda, this will be a major focus for the Director and the board, ensuring its staff are ready to take the challenges of the emerging new era by storm. Company: Principal Resourcing Education Specialists Contact: Tracy Allen Website:

12 | Business Elite 2022 57 | Q1 2021 Jan22282 Most Trusted for Mobile Corporate COVID Testing Solutions, 2022 - United Kingdom Solutions 4 Health is an organisation that provides cutting-edge technology and solutions to individuals all over the country. With a rich background in scientific practice and deeply rooted in the healthcare industry, it has a large span of networks that reach a multitude of communities that require advice, support, and impeccable results. Solutions 4 Health’s mission statement is comprised of innovative and sustainable lifestyle and clinical services to maximise positive outcomes for each and every individual. It promotes these services to target people with inequitable health outcomes. Offering top-quality healthcare to a plethora of patients, Solutions 4 Health believes in equality for all – providing the best technology and healthcare integration for everyone it comes into contact with. As a wildly advanced company, Solutions 4 Health offers over 20 services to over 100,000 members of the public on an annual basis. Employing over 300 healthcare staff, Solutions 4 Health works with many NHS employees that make up around 60% of its healthcare assets. By delivering its top-tier services to 15 councils, it is able to supply its ground-breaking skills and solutions have been altering the trajectory of the healthcare industry. The councils involved are for integrated lifestyle services, sexual health services, adult and child weight management, children’s lifestyles services in schools, falls prevention, NHS health checks, smokingcessation, clinical services for Tier 3 weight management, new information systems and technology solutions, plus much more. It also provides chronic disease self-management courses – all of which are referenced on its comprehensive website. For people across the country, Solutions 4 Health generously acts as a buttress for each individual and every sector in its industry. Backing new clinical technologies and deploying a healthcare team of trained medical staff who achieved their qualifications via the Stanford School of Medicine. Its Wellness Coaches are fully qualified and find no troubles when connecting and engaging with people whilst providing the best support for hard to reach members of society – these members of the public can be pregnant women, mental health service users, young people, and more. Its most recent and most sought after service is its provision of LFTs (Lateral Flow Tests) that have been absolutely invaluable and completely necessary in saving people’s lives. Due to Covid-19, Solutions 4 Health has had to adapt itself to find a healthy medium for which to deliver the best care and preventative care on the market. It has provided LFTs from December 2020 and has also been administering Covid-19 vaccinations since May 2021 – its deep wealth of knowledge and compassion knows no bounds as it reaches out to all it can to supply the most up-to-date technology and developments. Solutions 4 Health has provided Covid-19 vaccinations through its mobile community wellness buses that have been able to reach an astonishing amount of people near where they live. Not only does it provide rapid testing for Covid-19, but it does so in a way that ensures peace of mind for those who don’t even have any symptoms. With this service offered around Sandwell, Slough, Dudley, West Berkshire, and Bracknell, Solutions 4 Health has been covering a huge radius so that people can stay safe. Giving people a chance to test frequently and accurately, Solutions 4 Health scales, monitors, and supervises large scale LFT sites both in the greater community alongside workplaces or corporate settings. Solutions 4 Health is experienced as well as knowledgeable and prides itself on its services. Both unmatched and inspirational, Solutions 4 Health is able to lead the mobile testing world as well as motivate others to take on the challenge for the greater good of humanity. 2022 has been a rollercoaster so far. Yet, Solutions 4 Health has been there every step of the way. It will continue on its path of success and brilliance by helping people to not simply survive, but to flourish. The future looks incredible for Solutions 4 Health and its incredible work. Contact: Leena Sankla Company: Solutions 4 Health Web Address:

13 | Business Elite 2022 53 | Q1 2021 Jan22626 Revolutionary Hair & Beauty Collective Hairdressing & Beauty are a forward-thinking LGBTQ+-friendly salon located in Newcastle upon Tyne. The salon prides itself on its friendly, professional team who offer the highest level of hairdressing and beauty services in the city, and for being the first in the region to offer the latest technology such as Schwarzkopf Professional’s SalonLab Smart Digital Hair Analyzer and brand-new premium luxury haircare brand, Fibre Clinix. Collective Hairdressing has been recognised as the Best Hairdressing and Beauty Salon, 2022 - North East England in this issue of SME News, so we delve deeper into what makes this the case. Collective Hairdressing & Beauty are known to be the best hair salon in Newcastle upon Tyne, with its talented team of multi-awardwinning hairdressers providing a full range of hairdressing & Beauty services to all ages including women, men, non-binary, and children. It is an LGBTQ+-friendly salon and the only one in the city that is listed as an inclusive and safe space in which all visitors are valued and equal. Believing that great hair is for everyone, it has made it its mission to create an environment where everyone feels safe, comfortable and confident. The salon exclusively uses Schwarzkopf Professional products after approaching the brand in 2018. An eight-month period of product testing was carried out prior to moving from its brand at the time, L’Oreal Professional, showing its true commitment to quality and innovation. The Collective Hairdressing team understand how unsure one can feel when considering a new hairstyle, wondering whether it will suit them or not, so this is why a unique fivestep consultation is offered to make sure the hairdresser understands exactly what the client wants and so the client knows exactly how it will be achieved. This service is delivered using the revolutionary Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab Smart Hair Analyzer, with Collective Hairdressing being the first salon in the North East of England to be selected to implement this game changing device. Alongside the use of this technology, each hairdresser is trained in the art of really listening to what the client wants. The SalonLab Smart Hair Analyzer is the very latest in cutting-edge technology which allows a near-infrared sensor to measure the quality of the hair condition. Until now, hair diagnosis has been limited to its outer appearance. The inner hair is scanned, the measurements and the consultation questionnaire create a unique hair profile that leads to a personalised in-person service and tailored homecare products exclusively for the client. Collective Hairdressing’s clients and team have been both amazed and surprised by the results so far! Most salons offer a wash, cut and finish, but Collective Hairdressing provides a haircut with a professional home haircare plan so the client can maintain their beautiful new hairstyle. The hairdresser will advise and educate the client on the products they will be using while creating their style, and they will recommend and provide products to help maintain this style to keep it looking great in between salon visits. Alongside the salon’s outstanding hairdressing service, it also provides a full range of beauty treatments, all carried out to the highest standard by level 6 trained therapist, Emy. Most beauty salon therapists are only trained to level 2 or 3, but clients are invited to experience the different with a level 6 therapist! Treatments available include waxing, eyebrow threading, facials, manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, massages, eyelash and brow tinting, eyelash perming, along with a series of packages. Indeed, Collective Hairdressing’s team offers the very best services in the field. Its team never settle for second best and they always have the client’s satisfaction as their top priority. They will always listen to the client’s needs, advise them, and recommend the correct homecare as required. And they will always take the time necessary to properly complete each service and will never rush a client out of the door. Company: Collective Hairdressing & Beauty Website:

14 | Business Elite 2022 58 | Q1 2022 Jan22284 The Future of Technology Should Care for People and Planet Founded in 2004, the Digital Detox (DD) team is made up of nearly 50 strategists, creatives, and engineers who use technology to solve complex problems impacting the future of people on this planet. The company’s mission is what it’s striving to do more of, so here are some examples of what that looks like as it wins Best Strategic Digital Design and Development Agency 2022 – London. The whole world seems to be waking up to the planetary emergency we are sleepwalking into. Everywhere you look, there are people, companies and initiatives to help tackle this problem, and rightfully so. But we see this as our opportunity to be the centre of this - by doing our bit and leading by example. Because we want to look back in the future and say that we joined the movement to protect the future of humanity. For our families, friends, and communities. That’s why we relish the opportunity to build digital ideas, products and solutions using our three-pillar approach. People-first, technologyenabled and planet-conscious. Leading global businesses give us the opportunity to explore and create their digital ideas, products and solutions with the right technology, in the most digitally sustainable way. Working with clients from multiple sectors and industries, and as leaders in digital transformation projects, we built successful partnerships through digital innovation and collaboration. Over 500 million Vodafone customers use apps and websites built on our technology, we rolled out a new digital platform across 30 international and regional roofing brands and 40 markets worldwide for BMI, and we’ve plugged design, prototyping and development skill gaps for the likes of Visa, LV and The AA. But we also work with the public and charity sectors including GOV.UK, BBC, MARINElife and CAB, and these projects have led us to introduce digital for the first time or manage to replace entire legacy systems. At DD, we are actively seeking pro-bono community projects we can get involved in. The latest one of this kind has been creating a digital campaign for the Leave no Trace Brighton charity to engage the community in taking action to reduce waste and protect wildlife and natural habitats. As a company, our entire ethos is built around people, the planet and technology. This is reflected in the way we work with each other and how we live, at work and outside of it. Our team is critical to our success. By promoting an honest, open and collaborative culture, we focus on refining our problem-solving skills and innovating for clients. We love to welcome new people with different ideas and experiences and strongly believe a diverse and supportive culture leads to excellence. Our team has grown exponentially over the past year and we’ve welcomed 32 new DD-ers in 2021, which has meant new additions to the exciting number of cultures and backgrounds. Just to give you an idea, here are some of the initiatives we’ve recently introduced based on the three pillars that guide our business: • We’ve submitted our application to become B Corp certified. The reason behind moving to align Digital Detox to the B Corp framework is to drive us forward in building a better business and allow us to measure ourselves on how we perform against the framework. Becoming a B Corp will build trust, capability and value in our organisation. • We’ve partnered with Cushon to be our new workplace net zero pension provider. This further affirms our ethos of focusing on people, the planet and technology and will help us with more responsible investing. Digital Detox embeds sustainability across its business and creative output and so Cushon, with its world’s first net zero now pension and ESG voting functionality is a natural partner. • Our employees can enjoy financial freedom through our partnership with Bippit. Bippit will give our brilliant team useful tips and support to help them manage their finances. We also hope it’ll show the team how much we value them, and that we will invest in their wellbeing across all areas of life, including their financial health. • We became a signatory of the MotherBoard, a community that supports the inclusion of working mothers in the tech industry. Diversity, inclusion, culture, fairness, support; they’re all key areas of how we work. People and purpose are what makes profit, not the other way around. That’s why we decided to join a community of like-minded businesses that demonstrates their commitment to improving gender equality and inclusivity - MotherBoard. We’ve got big plans for 2022 and we’re looking to grow the team to help us achieve our goals, which include launching a new product and tech strategy capability; identifying the right bigger stage for DD to move into for opportunities and talent; and setting up at least one key partnership with a community or environmental based organisation. If you’re looking for any support in digital strategy, design, or full stack development, just reach out. Our humanity led approach means we’re always looking to connect to more people and businesses who care about people, the planet and technology. Company: Digital Detox Web Address:

Business Elite 2022 | 15 Q1 2022 | 59 The Future of Technology Should Care for People and Planet

16 | Business Elite 2022 60 | Q1 2022 Jan22379 Building the Teams of the Future for Today’s Businesses Integrated Resources, a company lauded as the ‘Best in HR Outsourcing and Consultancy’ in 2022 for the United Kingdom, has gained an impeccable reputation through aiding its clients on their path to success. By helping them build the best teams through restructure, hiring, and incentive program development, it ensures that every business it works with across the corporate world is backed by the best people and the best infrastructure. With a motto of ‘we solve people problems’, Integrated Resources takes pride in resolving the challenges that face modern business when it comes to human resources. Its HR work focuses on releasing the potential of the people involved in the business, improving performance and inspiring growth across the entirety of a business’s life cycle. Fundamentally, this makes it a partner to its client’s businesses from start to finish, ensuring that they are supported throughout their human resources journey, and that they have the best advice and tools at their fingertips to make this part of their business the best it can be. After all, good HR solutions make for the best teams of staff, and the best teams of staff make for the healthiest businesses. Nominally, the people behind the business will always be its backbone, and so Integrated Resources wishes to assist clients across all manner of industry verticals, scales, and markets in fortifying this foundation as best it can, using compliance, candidate search, and performance review to do so. Its employment law and compliance work aid its clients when they come to navigating the intricacies of current employment law, as it knows that this can be a labyrinthine experience that makes it easy to get lost in the weeds of specific legislation. Without the need to hire expensive lawyers, Integrated Resources guides its customers through the process with diligence and tenacity. Showing its comprehensive understanding of the law as it applies to the corporate world and people management – from documentation to procedural elements – its support is comprehensive and empathic. Therefore, Integrated Resources’ work takes care of employee relations, robust documentation, restructuring, settlement agreements, HR shared services, compliance, and more, allowing a client to build a team they can trust. Another critical part of building such a team is the search and selection of prospective candidates. Crucially, this ensures that the new personnel structure a client has built can be filled with the right people, people who believe in the principles of the business and who will contribute positively to the company’s core goals. From defining a role to salary negotiation – and even checking references – it helps its clients to trawl through applicants and put forward the best of the best for the vacancies in question, reinforcing the new company architecture and making use of transparent recruitment strategies. It also aids its clients through impeccable performance management. In essence, this helps clients to ensure their organisations are fit to purpose, helping a client to improve the goal-orientation of the business by shifting how its people work to achieve it, all its interventions having been crafted to be tailorable and adaptive. It will help its clients to cultivate a business that thrives in a competitive and sometimes unforgiving marketplace, aiding it in performance development, due diligence, releasing potential, 360-degree feedback, organisation audit, and engagement and wellbeing solutions. This helps a client to keep their finger on the pulse of their staff’s wellbeing, happiness, and satisfaction, ensuring that they are each getting what they want to get out of a role whilst also ensuring that said role and its duties fit the purpose of the organisation in the macro scale. Through this work, Integrated Resources has made a name for itself with its corporate leading clients and with their staff, making itself a charismatic and friendly face around the business by way of its own exemplary and sensitive staff members, each of whom ensure Integrated Resources lives up to client expectations. Indeed, living up to expectations is something that this company has become well known for. No matter how high the goalposts for meeting these are, it will always strive to go above and beyond at every turn, designing strategies that function seamlessly around the structure of the client’s own company so that its solutions are never in the way and always beneficial. Its rewards and benefits schemes are also a big part of this; these are designed to be both efficient and compliant, granting additional structure to employee benefit management that will contribute to the success of the staff and company both, giving clients a way to thank the hardworking people within their ranks. Through outsourcing the research and allowing it to establish the benchmarks for criteria thusly, its employee incentivisation is bespoke and brilliant, giving people the kind of rewards they would like to reap as a direct benefit of their efforts and ensuring the client’s company can show its gratitude. With contract negotiation and HMRC Liaison services going hand in hand with this sort of work, Integrated Resources can promise the kind of reward benefit structure that will maximise the value of a client’s budget and provide alternative rewards to just cash incentives.